Fried chicken is popular among street food kiosks and food court counters. It’s a profitable idea to open a nice food kiosk to earn money. People can better start a business and can also learn more information about sales. Today, I want to share a nice fried chicken kiosk with you. Let’s view more information together.

food kiosk

Description of fried chicken booth

We can see in the 3D design photo, the fried chicken kiosk includes 2 parts. The front counter is a long service counter and display showcase area. Merchants can place ready food for sale, clients can also view and purchase food and snacks directly. The side counter has a cashier register on the top, and under the counter is a drawer and open shelving to place items. We can put the glass showcase on the middle food counter and also make a bottom cabinet to store food. While there is a topping counter with a glass showcase at the side. We can also add TV players on the top to appeal to more clients.

fast food kiosk

Another counter has a single working bench, we can place machines here to prepare food. Under the counter has lock doors to store items. The primary material is MDF with white and blue baking paint. It has a brilliant and smooth effect. Other materials include stainless steel, light lamp, hardware, etc.

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kitchen kiosk

Install effect

We produce the counters step by step and install food kiosks well at our workshop. So that people can use it directly. We will also reserve wires to connect to the mall power supply. We can also attach a hollow-out acrylic logo on the front counter, it reminds people of your business. Whenever you need food kiosks, we can customize them for you.

fast food kiosk