Perfume kiosks and cosmetics booths are seen everywhere in the shopping mall. Everyone likes perfumes because it gives us a good smell. If you are going to open a nice design drawing. Today, I want to share a nice perfume kiosk design with you. It fits shopping mall locations, beauty salon shops, and cosmetic kiosks. No matter when you need it, we can help you customize it.

perfume kiosk

Description of perfume kiosk design

This perfume kiosk size is 10ft by 10 ft and includes a glass display showcase,  cashier counter, brand logo area, and advertising space. Mian’s tone is red and white, and looks very attractive, and can highlight the products. It has glass counters on the 4 sides. The Middle area is an individual display counter with a cashier counter.

perfume kiosk

More perfume shop ideas

The cabinet has multiple layers of glass showcased on 4 sides. Each glass cabinet has an LED light to increase the brightness. We can also see the side has high stands for the brand logos and displays. We can also add multiple shelving to show items to increase the display area. Near it is the entrance door with a top panel, which can also be used as a desk when the door closes.

perfume kiosk

Produce photo

The perfume kiosk is very nice to use in real life. You can also check all details of the mall kiosk in the video and photos. After testing, workers will package each counter with wooden box protection. So the owner can put them together and connect wires between them.

perfume kiosk perfume kiosk

Materials show

  • Basic material: MDF
  • Surface material: High glossy baking paint
  • Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, acrylic, hardware, etc.

If you have materials requirements, pls contact us. Our designer can make 3D designs according to your requirements.