Egg tart kiosks and cake kiosks can be seen everywhere in the shopping center. The cake kiosk has a working counter, space for machines, a display showcase cabinet, a counter, and a cashier counter. No matter when you plan to open a cake kiosk, this simple egg tart kiosk will give you good ideas. Let’s view more information together.

egg tart kiosk

Description of egg tart kiosk

  • Size: 10ft by 12ft, we can also make the same size as you need.
  • Color: White high glossy effect
  • Material Details: MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, light box painting, acrylic, stone countertop, etc.
  • Usage: It is mainly used to show and sell cakes, cupcakes, sweet food, bread, bakery, etc.

As you step into this bakery kiosk, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful glass panel on the counter table. Behind this transparent barrier, a treasure trove of delectable egg tarts awaits you. The display is irresistible, showcasing a variety of flavors that will leave you spoilt for choice.

cake kiosk To ensure a smooth operation, the kiosk has a convenient water sink near the entrance, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. Meanwhile, the cashier register is on the opposite side. Ensuring efficient service and a seamless flow of customers.  View the ice cream kiosk here

bread kiosk

Produce photos show

Workers produce the cake kiosk step by step. We can build the wood body which determines the strong structure and use for many years. The second step is to do surface treatment, it has a glossy and smooth effect. Third, we can assemble the brand logo, light and sockets, and cabinet doors. So that you can see the whole kiosk effect directly. After testing the kiosk, workers will pack the counters well for shipping.

cupcake booth

If you have requirements about food kiosks in the mall, contact us and get more kiosk designs. You can also get a wonderful mall kiosk for your reference. View more food kiosks here