Are you looking for a smoothie kiosk? The smoothie kiosk is good to sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshake, and beverage. Merchants can choose unique kiosk styles to make them attractive and unique. Now, I want to introduce a special smoothie kiosk to you.

smoothie kiosk

Introduction of smoothie kiosk

This smooth booth size is 12ft by 10ft, this smoothie kiosk has a reception counter, storage cabinet, brand logo, and posters. We can also put equipment on the mall kiosk for usage. The primary material is MDF with a baking paint surface. Other materials include frosted glass, light box painting, and stainless steel. It has a strong structure and is durable to use.

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smoothie kiosk

Layout information

We can see the reception counter near the entrance, brand logo add to the reception counter. There is a tall lighthouse style with a big cream model, looks very attractive. We can set the beverage machine to show more items. The espresso machine is set on the countertop and the frosted glass on the countertop with curved corners. Under the counter has a locked cabinet to store food and products. We can also add a water sink to the counter for better usage. However, we can also use it as a bubble tea kiosk.

ice cream kiosk

Real produce photos show

We can take photos and videos to view the kiosk effect. It shows both inside and outside effects as design photos. you can tell us your location size and requirements in advance. Before producing the food kiosk, our design team will make a 3D design first for confirmation. The production follows the confirmed 3D design. When the ice cream kiosk is ready, we can package each counter and ship it soon.

bubble tea kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk