Phone cases and cell phone accessories are popular among people, they protect smartphones and make people use phones better. With the fast development of the cell phone industry, people are likely to buy unique phone cases to show their characteristics. Opening a phone case kiosk in the shopping mall is a profitable idea.

phone accessories kiosk

Customize cell phone case kiosks in the USA

This cell phone kiosk size is 10ft by 10ft, it includes display shelving and a slat wall display with hooks, we can also add a storage cabinet to prepare more items for sale. The primary color is white green and gray. We can add different levels of display showcase counter to show more items.

phone case booth

Layout information

The front counter of the phone accessories kiosk has a glass display counter with stairs displays, which is good for showing clients’ phone cases. While the middle counter has a taller display stand with multiple shelving, people can also view more case styles in different models. The side counter has a glass display showcase with a slat wall cabinet, it’s a good place to hang phone accessories. Besides, the other side has a cashier counter. Merchants can also add glass cabinets at the front, that’s to increase more showcase area.

phone cover kiosk

Material details

  • Primary material: MDF. MDF has a smooth surface and can make unique counter styles. That is good for building retail mall booths.
  • Surface treatment: Baking paint. We sand and polish it at least 5 times to have a brilliant paint-finishing effect. It is high-level the shop theme and makes the phone cases and accessories outstanding.
  • Glass cabinet: 8mm tempered glass. It is strong to use has high light transmittance, and can display products to customers well. We can also add a glass door here for convenience to use.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel kicking set at the bottom to protect the kiosk from accident hurt.
  • Other materials: Light lamp, acrylic logo, hardware, aluminum groove plate, etc.

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cell phone case booth