Bao buns kiosks are becoming more and more popular in shopping malls. It’s a good place to make, display, and sell bao buns, you can also use it for only selling bao buns to increase business. Everyone loves a special and unique bao buns kiosk to earn money. Here is a nice bao buns kiosk sharing with you. It can also give you ideas to make your own bao buns kiosk.

Description of mall food kiosk

According to the owner’s idea, this food kiosk is good for showcasing, restoring, and selling buns. Because they will make bao buns in other places. The size is 10ft by 15ft and includes working counters, storage cabinets, display shelving, and advertising areas. It mainly uses red and white colors, making your shop and products outstanding. The wooden grain surface on the cashier counter with a frame looks very attractive.

bun kiosk

The bao bun kiosk layout

Cashier counter along with menu board set at the front side. Consumers can order and pay here, and the pickup area is near the menu board. There are tempting glass plates on the countertop used as sneeze guards to keep bao buns clean. The back counter has room to microwave the bun in case it gets cold. Small machines are set under the counter table so that buns can maintain temperature.

 bun kiosk

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Produce photos show

We can see there are multiple patterns on the counter body, that are used as decoration and also make poeple remember you well. Lightbox painting also shows the delicious bao buns to appeal to more people. Brand logo and slogan set on the back wall to remind poeple of your bao bun shop.

bun kiosk bun kiosk

Bao Bun kiosk in the USA

It looks very beautiful when installed in the US mall, the owner likes it very much and praises our work. If you plan to open a bun kiosk, contact us now! We have a professional design and manufacturing team to help with this.

bun kiosk