The smoothie kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall and street. Poeple like to eat smoothies in hot weather because it gives them a good feeling and a sweet taste. It’s a good idea to start a side business with smoothie booths, easy to operate and can earn money back soon. Today, I want to introduce a nice smoothie kiosk sharing with you.

ice cream kiosk

Description of smoothie kiosk

The smoothie kiosk is made of plywood with a tile finish. Besides, wooden strip decoration makes the food kiosk more attractive, creating an upscale atmosphere. The artificial stone top protects the worktop and matches the smoothie shop theme. We make smoothie kiosks 10ft by 10ft with black, gray, and red colors. It fits the mall kiosk location and based on client’s idea.

milkshake kiosk

Layout introduction

The front counter has space to place a display refrigerator, at the corner has a cashier counter with a panel at the corner. We can see there is a display counter with walls on three sides. Merchants can put machines on the counter. Clients won’t see them from outside. Merchants can also attach brand logos and posters on the wall to remind people of their business.

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frozen yogurt kiosk

Produce photos show

Before producing the ice cream kiosk, our design team will make a 3D design for your confirmation. Workers will cut wood panels, then build the food counter, and we can see the kiosk structure in this step. Next, we will do surface treatment and decorate the kiosk according to design. Finally, install the whole mall booth and test it. That’s the kiosk delivery to the clients to start the a business. Our workers will also package each counter well with foam and wooden boxes. If you have any questions, please tell us soon. We provide online services seven days a week to help you solve problems.

smoothie kiosk