Are you looking for a donuts kiosk to earn money? The fast food kiosk become popular among people, businessman can sell ice cream, donuts, and frozen yogurt at the shopping mall. It’s a great idea to choose a custom desserts kiosk. We can design and produce it according to your requirement. Here is a nice donuts kiosk sharing with you.

doughit kiosk

Description of donuts kiosk

The donuts kiosk size is 10ft by 15ft and looks very attractive and outstanding. We can see in the design photo, the front counter uses to serve people and help them order meals. The corner has a tall stand with a TV player. The middle area is a large ice cream machine with a slogan to guide people to order. And the side counter has the brand logo on the counter body. We can set the topping counter at the side with a glass panel on the top, that to keep food clean so people can view them.

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doughit booth

The back side counter has 3 compartment water sink, it is good to use and can clean the working bench. We can also set machines under the counter table. So you will have more operation space and help to improve efficiency. We can also attach the brand logo, menu, and posters for better usage.

ice cream booth

Materials show

The food kiosk mainly uses plywood to build the counter, surface materials are tile and pink laminate decoration. It combines the donuts kiosk theme and a high-level food shop image. We can use the artificial stone to build the kiosk. Other materials include stainless steel, clear tempered glass with metal support, acrylic logo, etc.

smoothie showcase

Produce photos show

The product photos show the details and overall effects of the food kiosk. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are looking to talk more information with you and help you build a unique ice cream kiosk.

ice cream counter