High-end perfume kiosk

Firstly, this is a black and gold-themed perfume kiosk display case. We all love some high-end and atmospheric designs of perfume display cases. Inside is a square integral display cabinet, the front of the perfume cabinet is a logo luminous display above is two rectangular glass display cabinets, you can see the display cabinet inside is decorated with lamp strips so that the nature of the perfume show. The interior display is a square design space where you can design several chairs for the staff to rest and work. Inside are some display cases with doors.

perfume kiosk  Glass Display Cabinet

In addition, this is a display case for perfume and jewelry kiosks made with plywood and baking paint. You can see the display cases will decorate with white light strips around the edges so that we can see the overall layout of the kiosk when we open it up. The elevated position is our perfume poster display position, the kiosk will design around the luminous pattern display. We are a customized factory. Our kiosks can design according to your size requirements, and the size of the cabinets can also designed to fit your kiosk size. If you interested in our perfume kiosk, you can contact us directly, so that we can communicate with you the details of the design and timely respond to your needs.

perfume kiosk Customize service

The lase, the perfume kiosk is a 10x10ft display counter. If you want to order this display case directly, you can contact our customer service directly to get the payment link, and we are a customized factory, so we can provide customized services for you, according to your requirements, put your logo on our display case, and put our poster on it.perfume kiosk