Luminous perfume kiosk

Firstly, glowing perfume booth? That’s right, that’s right, it’s a glowing perfume booth, and you can see that we have bottles of perfume on top of our kiosk, and they’re all glowing, and it looks like a glowing music box jewel. This is a high-end display of perfume that will attract the eyes of children and adults alike and will good promotion. This is a square perfume booth display case, it can display perfume on all four sides, as a perfume display is perfect. The four sides of the perfume display case are design with more than three layers of sandwich panels, which can show the nature of the perfume.

perfume kiosk

Perfume booth layout

In addition, the middle of the perfume booth is a place for the staff to do activities, and a cashier will designed in the middle to place the center. An electronic advertising machine is displayed on the back so that salvation can ensure more advertising. Inside the display, stands are lockers with doors. Then the corner is set up in a circular arc shape creative showcase design so that the nature of the display cabinet can display.

perfume kiosk

Detail show

1. Display case with four sides to display perfumes

2. LED luminous perfume ornaments

3, MDF+ baking paint as the base material

4. Design of cash register

5. Electronic advertising machine

6. logo display

7. LED light strip of display cabinet