There are many attractive jewelry kiosks in the market. Most jewelry booth has glass showcase and shows all kinds of jewelry, watches, and decorations. It’s profitable to choose a high-end jewelry kiosk for business. It helps to improve product value and makes your shop outstanding. Let’s learn more about the jewelry kiosk below.

jewelry kiosk

Introduction of a jewelry kiosk

  • Size: 11ft by 9ft
  • Color: Black with white light
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, lighting, stainless steel, acrylic, etc.

We design and produce jewelry kiosks according to the owner’s requirements. So if you have size, color, layout, and material requirements, you can tell us immediately. Then we will make a jewelry kiosk based on your needs. Our professional design team will draw 3D designs so that you can view the gift kiosk details directly.

jewelry display showcase

This jewelry kiosk has multiple glass cabinets on four sides, directly showing items to people. Each shelving has an LED light strip to highlight the products. We can also make the bottom a storage cabinet. There are four individual cabinets in the corner. They are the window display areas that poeple can notice in your shop when passing by. Besides, the middle counter has a cashier counter with a signboard.

jewelry booth

Assemble effect show

We can view the jewelry kiosk effect from the product photos. We produce the jewelry kiosk step by step. So the owner can understand each part of the production process. If you have a design, you can send us directly, and we can make that kiosk for you.

jewelry cabinet

Before packaging, our workers will clean the glass cabinet so it won’t dust. We use foam cartons and plastic with corner protection inside and outside wooden boxes to package each counter. Therefore, you can put all counters together and connect wires between them.

jewelry showcase