Recently, sunglasses kiosks have become popular among businessmen. Because it is profitable and operates easily. If you are looking for a unique glasses kiosk to earn money, don’t miss this style. We designed it for a UK customer, suits for a location of 11m by 3m. It has multiple layers that can uniquely show the sunglasses. You can tell us the measurements and ideas, we can customize them.

glasses kiosk

Glasses kiosk design

We can see in the design, it is more like a ship style. Very attractive and outstanding. This sunglasses kiosk has multiple layers of display shelving. It looks like upstairs that can show eyeglasses in an orderly. This is convenient for clients to select and try because each divider panel has an adjustable mirror. So no matter how tall is the consumer, they can see the effect directly. We can also add panels properly to attach the TV screen for video advertising.

eyeglasses kiosk

There is a workbench inside the sunglasses kiosks with a storage cabinet. The optical equipment can also be put on the countertop for better usage. The cashier counter is set near the entrance to enter the kiosk. It’s good for clients to check bills. It is more like a retail shop but full of display shelving. Outside of the entrance is a seating sofa, and people can sit down during waiting service hours. View glass kiosk

sunglasses kiosk

Material details

  • Primary material: MDF with glossy baking paint. It high level of the shop theme and makes the glasses look good.
  • Logo material: Hollow out the luminous acrylic logo attached on both sides of the counter to remind poeple of your business.
  • Kick material: Stainless steel. Protects the whole sunglasses kiosk and makes it last for a long time.
  • Light: LED light lamp on each shelving. It makes the display area brighter

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