Are you looking for wall display shelving for retail shops? No matter whether you plan to start a candy shop, toy store, daily convenience shop, or grocery store, the wall cabinet is very necessary. It not only decorates the overall shop theme but also shows more items in a good way. A unique wall cabinet style makes your retail shop stand out and leaves a deep impression on clients. Today, I want to share a nice wall cabinet with you.

Wall booth

Description of wall cabinet

This wall cabinet combines green and white colors and looks like a carton characteristic cartoon cat image. It has earrings on the top with black spot decoration for the candy kiosk. While the middle has multiple shelving with LED light lamps to make the items stand out. It looks vivid and very much attracts the eye’s attention and makes people have fun during purchasing. No matter how unique the style you want, we can customize it for you. For example, if you want a storage area, we can add a lockable cabinet at the bottom. View more details about the market stall

Produce photos show

Wall stand

We can see the overall wall cabinet is glossy and brilliant. Because we mainly use MDF to build the shelving body. The surface material is baking paint treatment to achieve the effects. The stainless steel kick protects the candy display rack, so it can be used for a long time. If you want to add brand signage or slogans to the wall cabinet, we can also add them properly.

Wall cabinet

As it is used in the retail shop, many poeple worry about packing, delivery, and installation. In fact, we will produce each cabinet individually. Besides, the soft foam protects the corner, and bubble foam between the outer wooden box and the inner soft package. It will protect the goods during long-distance sea shipping.