Candy shop furniture become popular among poeple, we recently made many eye-catching wall cabinets for candy shops. It looks good and is convenient for displaying candies uniquely. Today, I want to share a nice candy display with you. We can customize it to fit your shop sizes. Let’s view more details with you.

Candy cabinet

Description of candy cabinet

Each candy cabinet size is 100cm-120cm long, 40cm-60cm wide, and 200cm-220cm tall. No matter how long is your wall size, we can make it match it well. The primary color is pink with a white cabinet door, it vividly matches the colorful candies and makes people notice it. Materials include MDF with glossy baking paint finishes, that are brilliant and can high-level your candy shop atmosphere. A stainless steel kick protects the whole candy cabinet from accident hurt, it also increases a metal sense.

We can see there is a stair countertop with acrylic boxes to display the candies in order. There is an open shelf on the top that can accommodate a candy dispenser, and there is an LED light underneath the shelf to make the candy look even better. There are removable shelves at the bottom for storage. People can buy bulk candies here and enjoy taking them out of the dispenser.

Candy shop design

As you own a retail candy shop, you can measure the shop sizes, then we can make a 3D design with an overall candy shop effect. If your shop already has furniture, just need to upgrade some cabinets. Making a 3D design also helps, as you can see the final looks in advance. And understand how it matches other furniture and brand themes. View candy kiosk design

Produce photos show

Candy booth

The wall candy cabinet is completed at our workshop, we will install it well and also add wires hidden at the cabinet. So that you can use it directly. If you need longer cabinets, we will divide them into several suitable individual cabinets for better packing and delivery.