Ice cream kiosk is very important in the shopping mall and food court. The ice cream kiosk is good for selling smoothies, frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, etc. Before starting a business, every poeple can choose a unique and attractive ice cream kiosk to earn money. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream kiosk with you.

Ice cream kiosk

Description of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk size is 12ft by 12ft, and includes a glass display showcase, topping counter, brand imagine wall, working counter, and space for equipment. The primary color combines with dark red and white, creating a warm and luxurious shop feeling. To customize the ice cream kiosk, it’s necessary to make a 3D design first. You can arrange the counters properly, which helps increase work efficiency.

smoothie kiosk

We can see the front side has a topping bar counter, with glass covers to keep the food fresh. While the counter body has posters and an acrylic logo to remind poeple of your brand theme. Near it is a big display of equipment, convenient for clients to purchase items well. The right-hand side has a cashier counter with a brand logo. Menu board in the front of water sink with panel covers, people can purchase business well. Find more options for smoothie kiosks

smoothie counter

While the bask side has a long bench for work, the under-counter has space for equipment with a glass panel surrounding it. It prevents clients’ access to the workspace and also won’t block sight. There is a large ice cream model on the cabinet, which vividly expresses your business to clients. We can also attach a TV player for video ads. Click here for frozen yogurt kiosk

Produce photos show

smoothie stand smoothie cabinet

We can see the unique ice cream kiosk effect directly. It has a glossy surface effect with a luminous logo, 8mm clear glasses, stainless steel kick protection, etc. Whenever you have unique ideas, you can get an ideal ice cream kiosk from us.