The T-shirt kiosk is suitable for selling T-shirts, clothing, hats, and even decorations. Everyone wants a unique T-shirt kiosk to start a business because it is good to show the brand theme and leave a deep impression on clients. Today, I want to share a high-end T-shirt kiosk with you.

T-shirt kiosk

Description of T-shirt kiosk

  • Size: 12ft by 13ft. We can also make 10ft by 12ft, 10ft by 10ft, or 15ft by 12ft that is suitable for your location.
  • Color: White and red color. If you think another color fits your brand, please don’t hesitate to remind us in advance. We can make it and show the final effect in a 3D design.
  • Material: We use Plywood to build the T-shirt kiosk body and white laminate as the surface treatment. They can improve the T-shirt store theme and can better reflect the items. The countertop can use white artificial stones for better usage. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, lighting, acrylic logo, etc.

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T-shirt kiosk

This T-shirt kiosk includes multiple layers of stairs display cabinet at the front. We can also add an open cabinet with a T-shirt pattern display panel on the wall. That is suitable for displaying more clothing and helps people purchase their favorite T-shirt styles. The brand logo panel, posters, and glass cabinets are essential for retail mall kiosks. We can also add lock cabinets to store more items. Besides, the T-shape and L-shaped lighting strips stand on the clothing kiosks with support, which makes the shop outstanding.

T-shirt kiosk

Produce work

We can view the kiosk effect in advance because the design team makes a 3D design before the start. And workers will build and assemble the whole T-shirt and hat kiosk at our workshop. Produce time needs about 28 work days. Design drawing needs about 2-5 work days to complete. If you want to change somewhere, we can modify the design soon.

T-shirt kiosk T-shirt kiosk