Are you looking for a pure white T-shirt kiosk design? Today I want to introduce the latest invention of retail booths – the 12ft by 8ft Custom T Shirts Kiosk! This sleek and stylish white retail booth is to revolutionize showcase and sell custom t-shirts. Whenever you plan to open a T-shirt kiosk, it will give you good ideas. You can also decorate it based on your ideas.

T-shirt display table

Customize T-shirt kiosk design

Featuring a stunning wall display panel that surrounds the whole T-shirt kiosk, it’s good to showcase all kinds of patterns on your T-shirts. It attracts attention and makes your shop stand out from the crowd. We design it suitable for a 12ft by 8ft space and can customize the size to fit your booth area.

T-shirt counter

The front and left sides of the booth boast two layers of counters. Providing ample space for customers to view and purchase their favorite patterns on their t-shirts. This convenient setup ensures a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

The backside wall of the clothing kiosk also features a higher wall with patterns, adding an extra element of visual appeal. Inside the kiosk, we can set workbench complete with a printer. So employees can easily print customized T-shirt patterns styles.

T-shirt booth

Produce photos show

We can see what the T-shirt kiosk looks like from produce photos. Workers will follow the confirmed mall kiosk design and focus on the details during production. Our sales team will also update the process regularly, so you can view the whole production steps.

T-shirt stand

Additionally, the side of the booth has a cabinet featuring open shelving with LED light. It will increase the display area and allow poeple to view more items at the same time. This ensures your kiosk remains neat and organized, creating a smooth and efficient shopping experience.

T-shirt kiosk

To further enhance your branding efforts, the entrance of the kiosk is adorned with a tall tower stand, perfect for displaying posters and prominently showcasing your brand logo. This eye-catching feature makes your shop stand out and catches the attention of passersby. If you are looking for a nice T-shirt kiosk, don’t hesitate to contact us.