The eyebrow threading kiosk is a suitable place to provide eyelash services and eyebrow threading services. Everyone likes beauty and a charming appearance, so people go to the beauty salon shop regularly to keep a good state. Here is a high-end brow bar counter introduced to you. Hopes to give you more decoration ideas.

eyebrow bar counter

Description of brow bar counter

This eyebrow threading kiosk size is 12ft by 8ft. We can arrange a waiting sofa, brow stations, reception counter, the brand imagine wall in a suitable area. The primary color is white and brown, high-level the beauty salon shop theme and makes poeple remember you well. Materials include MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic logo, lightbox, stickers decoration, etc. We can make the brow bar counter according to your needs.

brow bar counter

Layout information

As is shown in the design photos, the brow bar counter has two entrances in total. The reception counter uses to serve people and check bills. One side has two eyebrow stations with round mirrors for work. Under the countertop has leg space and storage drawers.

eyelash station

On the opposite side has a seating sofa, and poeple can sit down there for work. Next to it is a space for a beauty bed for convenient use. Merchants can put posters, menus, and brand signage on the wall to attract attention. Beautiful eyebrow threading kiosk design and good services help you gain more reputation.

eyebrow threading kiosk

 Real effects after install

We can see the eyebrow-threading kiosk effect from the product photos. That’s what the shop owner will receive. We build the wood structure first, then do baking paint surface treatments. The next step is to assemble the mirror, wire, light, logo, and cabinet door. Finally, we will test it and package each counter with wooden boxes.

eyebrow counter

We have skillful workers to build the brow counter, which makes your massage kiosk outstanding. If you need any further information, please send us an inquiry immediately.