How do you think purchasing unique jewelry stands for shops? Everyone loves a high-end jewelry shop furniture and effect. It can high-level the jewelry and can also make it uniquely. Today, I want to share a wonderful and special jewelry showcase with you. It is shipped out to Atlanta, USA. Let’s view more details together.

Introduction of jewelry display

This jewelry showcase is mainly used to display items in the retail shop. It is a rectangular shape, which is good for placing more products. So that clients can view and purchase directly. It has a bridge lighting inside the cabinet, which makes the jewelry showcase brighter and high-end. View mall stall details here

jewelry booth jewelry showcase

The overall glass showcase is a clamshell that can open from the top. It is good to use as a window display or you can place it in corridors and aisles where guests often pass by. Don’t forget to add locks here, so that poeple won’t reach it without permission. It keeps the goods safe. Learn more about jewelry kiosk

Produce effect show

Below are produced photo effects sharing with you. We will receive wires to connect the shop power supply. Lighting is very important for jewelry showcases. Whether you like LED light lamps, bridge lights, or spotlights, we can meet the demands.

jewelry showcase glass cabinet

The primary material is MDF with glossy white baking paint finishes. It better reflects the products and gives people a pure feeling. We will also use steel frames to increase the load bearing, it can be used for a longer time and kept new. 8mm tempered glass has strong light transmittance and can present photos well to guests while also keeping the product clean and tidy.

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