Do you plan to open an ice cream kiosk to earn money? Ice cream kiosk is popular among poeple as it has a delicious taste. Today, I want to share an ice cream kiosk sharing with you. It is good to sell ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Let’s view more details together.

ice cream kiosk

Introduction ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk in light blue and white color makes the ice cream kiosk look attractive and luxurious. The size is 15ft by 10ft, including the reception counter, display showcase area, storage cabinet, and work table. Materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, artificial stone, light box painting, stainless steel kicking, frosted glass, acrylic logo, etc.

ice cream kiosk

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The layout of the ice cream kiosk

Display showcase and reception counter set at the front side. It is convenient for consumers to view ice creams as suitable for work. Two ends are tall panels with a TV player for the menu, guiding clients to order ice cream soon. The brand logo and lightbox are attached to the counter to make people notice you. White light decoration makes the ice cream kiosk stand out.

ice cream kiosk

We can see the back counter used for work, and we can add glass panels on the wall. That is to prevent clients from machines and also protect clients well. We can set the water sink near the entrance door, which is good to use, and keep the frozen yogurt kiosk clean.

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