Popcorn kiosks are everywhere in the shopping mall, especially near the theater. People like to eat popcorn because of its delicious taste and sweet smell. It’s a great business idea to open a popcorn kiosk in the mall. Today, I want to share a nice popcorn kiosk with you. Hopes to give you more decoration ideas.

popcorn cabinet

Introduction of popcorn kiosk

This popcorn kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft, and we can place a glass showcase, storage cabinet, and brand logo in a suitable area. Materials include MDF, baking paint finishes, stainless steel logo, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc. The primary color is white with red decoration, and we can also make other colors that match your shop theme.

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popcorn counter

Layout information

There are glass showcases with topping counters at the back and left side, and it is good to place popcorn for sale. We can attach the brand logo and posters on the wall for advertising. The front counter has a glass showcase and beverage machine near the cashier counter. It’s convenient for clients to buy snacks and beverages when ordering. We can also place a refrigerator to sell ice cream. The right-hand counter of the snack kiosk has a water sink at the corner, so we can also set up a column with a lightbox to remind people of your business.

popcorn stall

Why make a corn kiosk design?

Everyone likes a unique and attractive popcorn kiosk to start a business. It’s necessary to create a 3D design, and the owner can view the overall popcorn booth effect directly. Besides, they can also arrange the machine and working counters properly. If you want to modify the design details, our design team will update the design and render clear photos. Professional popcorn kiosk helps the owner decide on the final kiosk design to start a business. The business people can also submit to the mall management for approval when needed.