The sweet corn kiosk is one of the popular food kiosks in the shopping center. Corn Cabinet is a service counter that sells steamed corn, sweet corn, and corn kernels. It is usually decorated in green with yellow, reminiscent of delicious sweet corn. You can also add the shape of a corn cob or corn kernels to the corn kiosk counter to display products and business ideas to customers very vividly. Whenever you plan to start a corn business, don’t hesitate to purchase a corn counter from Mall-Kiosk. We have provided thousands of corn kiosk for different brands. Our corn kiosk has a unique design that can fit your demands well. You can enjoy services from design, production, and pre-installation to shipping. Save time and effort to get wonderful corn booth design, view solutions on our website now.

Corn can provide energy for people’s daily life and is one of the very popular foods. The corn kiosk contains a steamer, sink, cash register, brand service desk, brand promotion board, etc. Every merchant can choose a unique corn cabinet to start their business. Impress people. Whether you are in a mall or an outdoor mall, you can make money by opening a food stall.

Popular corn kiosk business idea.

  1. corn kioskCorn kiosk: Corn kiosk size is usually 3m by 2m, fit for an open area in the mall. It has a corn kernel model decoration, vividly conveying your business to the public. You can also add bar counters and bar chairs for guests to enjoy. Merchants can decorate the corn kiosk according to their own preferences for a more unique effect.
  2. Corn cart: Corn cart has always been very popular with people. It has wheels and can be moved wherever you want. Corn carts come in a variety of shapes to meet the business needs of different merchants. Round, rectangular, L-shaped, and U-shaped corn carts are very common, and you can also customize them according to your own ideas. The Corn stand has a decorative top, which can also be used for lighting.
  3. Popcorn kiosk: The popcorn kiosk has a glass display showcase, that is good to express popcorn to clients. Movie theaters, theaters, and amusement parks are great places to sell popcorn. You can even make popcorn in different flavors to boost your guests’ purchases.
  4. Fiberglass corn kiosk: Fiberglass corn kiosk is very popular recently. It is sturdy and durable, stylish and beautiful, and is deeply loved by merchants. You can use them directly in outdoor shopping malls for business because FRP material has the characteristics of sun protection, rain protection, and fire protection. FRP corn decoration is also very popular, it can be customized according to different uses, such as stools, sweet corn models used to attract guests, etc., very innovative.

Materials for corn counter

  • MDF: Mall-kiosk uses high-density MDF to make the cabinets of the corn kiosk. The choice of sheets of different thicknesses according to the weighing requirements ensures that the food kiosk is strong and durable. MDF has a smooth surface, is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and has good waterproof performance. It can make various special shapes. It is also one of the common materials for pantries and mall kiosks.
  • Baking paint: The process of baking paint has a bright and high-end effect, which can enhance the image of the store. Gives a bright feeling. Most of the food cabinets use bright paint to make the food stall stand out from its peers. You can also choose a matt lacquer to create a unique store atmosphere.
  • Stone: Stone countertops are used in almost all pantry cabinets, which are good for protecting worktops and corn kiosk counters. And most pantries use white stone countertops, which are good for highlighting food items and give a clean, hygienic feel.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel has the texture of metal, and the food cabinet can use silver brushed stainless steel to make the anti-collision skirt of the food cabinet, making the food kiosk more durable. You can also make stainless steel signs, or use them to decorate the food shop counter to enhance the brand value.
  • Tempered glass: We usually use 8mm tempered glass to make display cabinets, it has good permeability, which is convenient for displaying and storing products. Glass display cabinets can add lighting strips to light up food. You can also add glass or acrylic backsplashes to the countertops according to store regulations. It also prevents guests from directly touching the corn stall work area and display area.

How to make corn kiosk design

  • Corn kiosk requirements: To customize the corn shop in the mall, we have to make the mall food kiosk meet the owner’s demands. So you can first tell us basic information, like sizes, color, materials, layout, and necessary machines. That is to be sure we understand what you want. If you don’t have a clear mind, it’s better to make a 3D design to view all parts directly.
  • Make 3D design: Our professional design team makes 3D designs according to the requirements. Designers will make a layout plan first and arrange all the space properly. Then creates each counter model, put them together and render clear photos.
  • Confirm final design: You can see the kiosk design and details. If you need to change somewhere, like color and layout, designers will help you modify the design. If there are no other changes, we can confirm the design and move to the next step. Most malls require to review of the corn booth design, you can also submit a design drawing to get approval.
  • Make construction drawing: Once get the final design, we can check the cost and move to the production step. The architect will produce a detailed construction drawing based on the confirmed design. The size, material, circuit diagram, and counter layout of each part are marked in the diagram. The production workshop will complete the corn kiosk production according to the construction drawing, and pre-installed in the workshop, you can see the custom kiosk effects