Are you looking for a honey kiosk to earn money? Honey has a sweet taste, viewed as healthier food. Honey is very popular among poeple because it is not only food and can also use as cosmetics. It has good taste but is also used as a great beauty product to use with face masks. No matter when you plan to open a mall kiosk, the honey stall is a good choice. Here is a nice honey kiosk sharing with you.

honey kiosk

Introduction of honey kiosk

The honey kiosk has regular hexagon decoration on the kiosk, which is a high-level shop theme. It also reminds poeple to notice your shop and leave a deep impression. This honey kiosk size is 15ft by 10ft and includes a display counter, service counter, brand signage, and storage cabinets. The main color is gray wooden and black, creating a natural and harmonious store atmosphere.

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honey kiosk

We can see there are consultant tables at the side, that allow poeple to sit down. The kiosk body has a brand logo, light box painting, and menu to remind people of your business. You can also make cabinets with LED lights to make the honey outstanding. Inner has a facial bed to provide skin-care services such as cosmetic kiosks. It’s also a good idea to decorate it as massage kiosks.

honey kiosk


The main material is Plywood, surface treatment is laminate. Moisture proof, fireproof, and durable. Other materials include stainless steel, artificial stone, 8mm tempered glass, and acrylic logo. The artificial stone countertop protects the counter body, which is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and sturdy, creating a harmonious and natural effect.

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