Hat kiosk is popular in the shopping mall because people like to wear a hat to match their clothing as decoration. Hat can also show their characteristics and protect sunshine when hiking. It’s an excellent option to open a hat kiosk to earn money in the shopping mall. Today, I am going to introduce a nice hat kiosk to you.

hat kiosk

Description of Hat kiosk

  • Size: 18ft by 10ft
  • Color: White and dark blue
  • Material: MDF, high glossy baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic, slat wall display, etc.
  • Usage: Display hats, T-shirts, shoes, ties, and retailers; enhance shop theme.
  • Produce time: 22-26 work days. A week in advance to make kiosk design.

hat kiosk

We can see there are glass cabinets surrounding the lease line. It has multiple glass layers with a light lamp, which is suitable for placing all hats in order. So consumers can purchase their favorite hat styles. People like unique and special hats, so the owner can prepare printers on the work table. That allows clients to print favorite patterns and slogans on the cap. It’s a good idea to increase that value and attract people’s attention.

hat kiosk

The cashier counter is set near the entrance, which is suitable for paying bills and guiding people to place orders. At the same time, the tall brand logo wall is charged at the front side, which is good for showing more hats or using them as the main display. It helps with showing more items. Under the work table, we can add drawers and cabinets, which can store more hats for sale.

More hat kiosk display

Produce photos show

We can see the actual effect from the produced photos. It looks high-end and can make your mall booth outstanding with the installation in the mall. You can decorate the hat kiosk as your idea to get a great and unique hat kiosk for business. Contact us if you want customize hat kiosk for business.

hat kiosk hat kiosk