The crepe kiosk is a good place to sell crepes, pancakes, and waffles. Businessmen can also provide beverages and drinks. Everyone loves a unique crepe kiosk, that enhances the brand theme and makes the shop outstanding. Today, I want to share a high-end crepe kiosk sharing with you. It is used in Orlando, USA, let’s view more details together.

crepe cabinet

Description of crepe kiosk

This crepe kiosk size is 18ft by 9ft, allowing 3-4 people to work together. It has natural wooden finishes with tile decoration, creating a brilliant and natural atmosphere. Reminds people that you provide healthier and more delicious crepes. Black stainless steel kick with LED light lamp makes the overall kiosk look better.

Crepe kiosk

We can see the front counter has a glass showcase on the top, which keeps the crepes and food clean. The front counter with display cabinet, and businessmen can set samples to attract the eyes’ attention. The counter body has stacked wooden planks with LED light, which looks brilliant and leaves a deep impression on consumers. We can also set fridges underneath the food counter.

Crepe counter

The backside counter has a water sink and refrigerator for usage. It is good to use to clean the counters. While the top has stainless steel shelving with support, it is good to place more items here. Above the shelving are the brand logo and TV players for advertising. Clients can view and understand your business from a far distance. The bottom has a locked cabinet with adjustable shelving for usage. View the waffle kiosk design

crepe booth

Whenever you are looking for a unique crepe kiosk, you can get a good idea from us. We have a professional design team and manufacturer team, that can customize high-quality food kiosks. Contact us and get more recent nice crepe kiosk designs.