Are you looking for food court counters for business? The food court counter is suitable for clients to order food and drinks, including pancakes, special snacks, desserts, waffles, roasts, and more. With the progress of society, many poeple accept opening a food court booth because people can buy all the food in one place and enjoy it with friends in fixed seats. The food court counter provides food takeaway service, which consumers can enjoy at home or the office. Usually, a food court consists of service counters and work tables, which are for serving poeple and improving work efficiency. You can maintain the food court with merchants for win-win cooperation. View the food court counter design on our website.

Now the catering industry has become a key industry, and most businesses invest in food stores and streets to gain profits. Food courts are becoming popular. And we can see all kinds of food court counters in a newly built shopping mall or on the street. The food court has a vast market because it has rich varieties, unique tastes, affordable prices, convenience, and quickness, which are very in line with people’s dining habits. At the same time, merchants can also develop new dishes to increase freshness. Whether planning to create a brand or start a franchise shop, a food court restaurant is a great choice. As you deliver great food and friendly service, you will achieve soon.

Food court counter placement

  1. food court counterThe food court counter’s architectural shape, scale, lines, and colors match well. Service desks and workbenches are ventilating, bright, and pleasing to the eye. Merchants can choose simple, beautiful, bright lines to decorate the counter and the appropriate color. If it is a cold food store, the color can be light blue or light green, giving people a fresh and cooling feeling.
  2. The most basic layout of the snack kiosk should be clean and bright, with bright and clean windows. Compared with the luxurious food restaurant decoration, customers care more about the taste, nutrition, and hygiene of food.
  3. The internal structure of the food court counter is in harmony with the device. The appearance of the food court counter is gestational, but the internal device is even more indispensable. Only when the two are unified and harmonious can good results be achieved. For example, merchants should choose lamps that match the structure and collocation of the restaurant to create a good atmosphere and effect of the store. The purpose of floor, roof, and wall decoration colors providing guests with a comfortable dining environment.
  4. Merchants can invest energy and time in color matching, equipment placement, and counter layout. Different Food court counters will have different styles. For example, many snack streets promote nutrition and food shop style in green. And the primary color of some gourmet shops with regional characteristics is blue. Different food brands and merchants incorporate a unique shapes to deepen the impression of guests.

How to decorate the food restaurant

Most of the themed food street kiosk designs are simple and relaxed. Merchants pursue the store effect of bright colors and natural decoration. You can also create restaurants that meet people’s aesthetics. Before the decoration, merchants can find a professional design team to make design drawings. And see the overall decoration effect from the shop design, and choose the appropriate color matching. It saves a lot of time and energy, and you can also know the budget for opening to ensure the business.

The kitchen and storage of the food restaurant decoration are mainly convenient, fast, and hygienic. Merchants can install kitchen stoves, smoke exhaust systems, water and electricity, and drainage to facilitate work. There are also strict requirements for the placement of sanitary ware. The decoration and design of the food city is a relatively large project. And the construction design process is systematic and complicated. Besides, considering the budget and cost of the decoration of the food city. It is also necessary to combine the style positioning design and decoration of the food city to create a more humane and distinctive food culture.

How to open a food court counter

The food court is an afterimage area composed of many snack bars or food concession stalls with different styles. With the progress of the times, food courts have become more and more popular. Besides, many large shopping malls have also set up food courts to attract customers. You can create a unique style and character to attract more traffic. And also create a comfortable dining and shopping environment for guests.

  1. Store location. The food court is good to place in a place with convenient transportation and a large flow of people. And it is usually designed where guests need to go far. Such as higher shopping mall floors or the first floor.
  2. Reasonable layout. The food court counter layout in the food court is essential. Merchants can plan the cashier counter, workbench, dining area, and seating area according to the budget. Since the seating area of the food court beverage kiosk sets in the public area, we can reserve enough space for tables, chairs, and aisles. It makes the best use of the limited space, and the guests have enough seating area to enjoy their food.
  3. Food court counter style. The decoration style of the food court is mainly clean and bright. The bright store design helps to create a comfortable dining atmosphere. In addition, the counter style of each food stall is coordinated with the overall design of the food court. That is to highlight product features and leave a deep impression on people.