This is a bubble tea cabinet used in the mall. As can be seen from the picture, this bubble tea looks very fashionable. There are many decorative items in this milk tea cabinet. There are decorative plants on the side wall and a shape like milk tea in the other corner, which is a very eye-catching decoration.

bubble tea kiosk


The inside of this bubble tea cabinet is the area for making milk tea. We will add equipment according to your needs. We can see from the picture that there are cash registers, small material display cabinets, freezers, an ice maker, a bubble tea machine, and so on. Besides, we can also see that there are three sinks on the counter. Usually, we install a water system under the sink. The water system ensures that you can use water easily.


We can also see that there is a row of light boxes of milk tea on the left side of the milk tea cabinet. Usually, we will install the light boxes in places easy to attract attention, which is a good way of publicity. When customers see the light boxes, they can know that this is a bubble tea booth.


On the front and back of the bubble tea booth, we have a clear logo. This logo is your trademark and the name of your business. Usually, when we design cabinets, we will add your logo and posters according to your requirements.


The bubble tea cabinet is made of plywood and fire-proof board, so it has good fire-proof and moisture-proof properties. At the same time, in order to make the counter use more convenient, we use marble as the material of the counter, the advantage of marble countertops is easy to clean and durable. On the walls, we also attach tiles as decorative materials, in addition, we also install stainless steel footers on the bottom of the cabinet, which can protect the bottom of the cabinet.