Bubble tea kiosks are popular business options in all seasons because everyone like it. We can customize the tea kiosk design before opening. The bubble tea kiosk is also a symbol of your company and brand, poeple can also remember you well. Here is a nice bubble tea kiosk sharing with you.

bubble tea shop

Wooden bubble tea kiosk design

This bubble tea kiosk style is simple but high-end. It uses wood and white as finish decoration, which makes your shop stand out. Materials include MDF with baking paint finishes and veneer. The white stone on the countertop protects the whole table. It’s durable and waterproof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and dirty-resistant. We can use stainless steel with a kicking light at the bottom, which lets people notice your shop when passing by. And the brand logo and lightbox paint attract people and promote business.

bubble te counter

Layout information

The bubble tea kiosk includes a reception counter, a working counter, space for machines, and advertising. We can make the tea kiosk fit your location and better to improve work efficiency. Find more options for beverage kiosk design

  • Front counter: There is a cashier register at the middle counter. Clients can order beverages here. Below is the brand logo to leave a deep impression on poeple. We can place a display cabinet on the counter to gain more business and add a locked cabinet for storage.
  • Back counter: We can put stainless steel counters with portable sinks on the backside. We can also place machines in the proper area, that is convenient for staff to work. There is a higher wall to cover the working bench, which keeps privacy. Merchants can also add lighting on the wall and put up posters to guide orders.
  • Side counter: Thee side counter also has a lightbox painting wall decoration and a display counter with a cabinet. The other side has an entrance door, so people can’t reach the work area without permission.

bubble tea booth