Are you looking for a nice reception counter for an office building? Here is a sleek and modern 2-seat white Office Counter with Changeable Lights introduced to you! This stylish office counter is perfect for any workspace, offering a unique and sophisticated design that is sure to impress. It’s made for a client from Seattle, USA, suits for 110V usage. Let’s view more details together.

Reception counter design

Reception desk Reception counter

With its white color and unique front surface decoration, this office counter stands out from the rest. The changeable LED lights add a touch of elegance and style, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The floor light adds a soft glow, perfect for evening work sessions or late nights in the office. View reception kiosk option

The back side of the counter features drawers in the middle and underneath the countertop, providing ample storage space for all your office essentials. The keyboard panel ensures easy access to your computer or laptop, making it a breeze to stay organized and efficient.

Produce photos show

We can see the actual effect from the produced photos. It has a glossy and brilliant surface effect. All the drawer has locks, which keep the items safe at night.

Welcome counter Service counter

The spacious design of this office counter includes seating for two staff members, allowing for comfortable collaboration and teamwork. The higher panel on the right-hand side adds a modern touch and creates a sense of privacy for confidential work tasks.

Reception desk

Not only is this office counter stylish and functional, but it is also practical for everyday use. The hidden storage space makes it easy to keep necessary files and documents out of sight, maintaining a clean and organized workspace.