Mall stalls and mall booths are popular in the shopping center. It fits all retail businesses, including jewelry, T-shirts, boutiques, toys, and flowers. Today, I want to share a lovely mall stall with you. It has customized sizes, styles, and colors for Suriname customers. Let’s view the details now.

mall cabinet

Introduction of mall stall

This mall stall is dark wooden and has a white display table. It looks high-end and can make the product outstanding. It fits a location of 240cm long, 120cm wide, and 200cm tall. We can make it based on your shop size, color, and style. The primary material is plywood and metal tube. And the surface treatment is dark wooden veneer, and the countertop uses artificial stone. There are locked cabinets on both sides as storage.

mall booth

Four black metal tubes on four sides support the ceiling light. It has a large circle to hide LED light strip in the middle, that is, to increase the brightness. You can confirm the detail with the mall manager about the kiosk design and materials. It’s necessary to make a 3D design in advance to make sure everything is clear enough. Professional mall kiosk design needs 300usd before starting, and you can get the first design in about three work days.

View the unique retail kiosk design

mall stall

Produce photos show

We can see the actual looks of the retail merchandising unit effects from producing progress photos. Produce time needs about 18-22 work days. Workers will package it as a whole with wooden boxes for shipping. If you need any further information, contact us now! We are glad to help you make ideal mall kiosks.

mall showcase retail kiosk