The mall counter is an excellent place to show items to the consumer. The mall counter has unique styles to fit different kinds of products. Some have multiple shelving, some have glass display showcases, and another has a display cabinet and storage cabinets. Whether you are just starting a business or adding a new display case to your stand, you can find a suitable solution in Mall-Kiosk. Today, I want to share a lovely display cabinet with you. It’s good for walkie-talkie business.

mall counter

Introduction of mall counter

  • Size: 270cm W, 70cm D, and 100cm H
  • Color: White with brand signage
  • Materials: MDF with glossy baking paint, acrylic panel, light lamp, hollow-out logo, stainless steel, etc.
  • Usage: Good to place mobile phones, walkie-talkies, high-tech products, etc. 
  • Occasions: Cell phone kiosk/store, supermarket, shopping center, etc.

smart phone display counter

There is sizeable luminous signage on the front counter and a white light lamp at the left top, which allows people to notice your booth and leave a deep impression. It is the same as behind the counter to show the brand theme to the public. In comparison, both sides have lock cabinets to restore products on the kiosk body. We can reserve a wireline in the middle of the countertop. It is to provide power for anti-theft brackets and walkie-talkie items. Lighting lamp surrounds the underneath countertop and kicks, which increases brightness and makes our mall counter stand out.

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walkie talkie counter walkie talkie booth

Produce photo show

The product photo shows the actual effect of the mall counter. It is fully completed in our workshop, so the owner can use it directly when receiving the goods. It’s also a guide to help the owner to understand the production step and installation details. Contact us if you want more information. We can also add all of your thoughts to the kiosk design.