This is a candy cabinet for indoor use. From the front of the candy cabinet, you can see that there is a front desk where there is a cash register and some balloons are placed on the table top as decorations. Meanwhile, there is also a small candy display cabinet next to it. Unlike other candy display cabinets, this candy display case has a toughened glass cover to keep the candy clean. This candy cabinet can  used to display candies without packaging.


Behind the candy cabinet is a large cabinet, which is mainly used for displaying candy. Its structure can seen from the picture. The cabinet displaying candy is a layer by layer structure, which is convenient for customers to take candy and makes the candy look more hierarchical.

This candy cabinet is pink, pink represents beauty and innocence, can narrow the distance with people. At the same time, it can attract attention.


Logos, posters and slogans are all your own. A good slogan, like an advertisement, can easily make people remember your business. Before starting the design, you need to design your logo, name and slogan, we will help you add it in the cabinet. We will install logos, posters, slogans and your name in places that attract attention. As you can see in the picture, there will  your logo on the front, roof and back of the cabinet. 


On the roof of the candy cabinet, you can see a lot of lights. The roof has a ring of led light strip on the outside and led bulbs on the inside. Under the irradiation of lights, you can make the candy cabinet look more beautiful.

led light strip

Other information

material : MDF with baking paint.

Size: 3 M*3 M(can be customized for you).

Design time: 2-3 working days.

Payment method: 50% deposit, the remaining 50% balance at the time of shipment.

Production time: 22-26 days.

Packing : pack in wooden case.

Mode of transport: Sea transport, land transport, shipping. Can  arranged according to customer’s request.

Our cabinets are unique custom goods, if you have an idea, we have a professional design team, can make the idea into a product. If you need, please contact us, thank you!