How do you think starting a business with a phone case kiosk? In the era of more and more developed network technology, our life is closely related to mobile phones, we need to use mobile phones to contact people, order takeout, find jobs, and so on. Therefore, the industrial chain of mobile phones is gradually improved. In the beginning, the phone case was only used to protect the phone, so far, the phone case has become the decoration of our phone. Mobile phone case kiosks have also become the most popular choice for people to buy mobile phone cases.


 This is a mall cabinet for indoor use. As you can see, this phone case has a lot of space, which can be used to put the phone case, but also can put other products related to the phone. This will increase your source of income. In addition, there is a cashier in front of the mobile phone case cabinet.

phone case cabinet


The small black cabinet is the storage cabinet, which can make it more convenient for you. At the same time, we can see some logos on the surface of the mobile phone case cabinet. In addition, there are several brand logos, which can play a promotional effect. Learn more information about phone kiosk

phone case kiosk



The mobile phone case cabinet is MDF as the base material, and surface paint treatment. There will also be stainless steel kickers at the bottom of the case cabinet. We will also install a ring of red floor lights on the bottom. In addition, there is tempered glass. In addition, there is tempered glass. We can also provide stools, tables, and other hardware.

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phone case cabinet in mall