This is a T-shirt cabinet used in the mall. We can see that there are many, many patterns on the wall of this t-shirt cabinet. These patterns look very cute and make the kiosk look more creative. At the same time, in order to promote your business, we will also set up light boxes on the kiosk, we can see the design of the t-shirt kiosk, there is a luminous t-shirt pattern on a pillar, and this pattern can attract more attention, above the lightbox is a logo. The logo is the name of your business, usually, the customer will send the logo to us at the beginning of the design.

t-shsirt kiosk

How to customize?

First of all, you need to inform the sales of the design requirements of the kiosk and send your logo and poster to the sales.
Then, our designers will make a preliminary design according to your requirements and send you the 3D design drawing.
Second, suggest changes, and the designer will make changes
Finally, we will provide the construction drawing according to the final design drawing.


This t-shirt kiosk is made of MDF base material with baking paint. In the process of processing, five times primers and two times top coats are applied. So the kiosk looks very smooth. At the same time, we will install stainless steel kickers at the bottom of the kiosk to slow wear and tear. At the bottom of the kiosk, there is a circle of bright lights, because we installed the led light strip inside the kiosk. Other accessories: Hardware accessories, locks, toughened glass, hardware accessories, stools, cash registers, etc

Other information

Size: 3*3M
Color: Black
Design time:2-3 days
Design fee: $300
Method of payment: You need to pay 50% of the cost to start production and the rest to finish production
Production time: 22-25 days
Transit time: 15-22 days
Mode of transport: air, sea, land transport

If you need a unique kiosk, please contact us, thank you!