This is an indoor mobile phone kiosk. We can see from the picture, the structure of the mobile phone cabinet has different cabinet heights. The corner of the cabinet is relatively high, and the space is relatively large, in addition to the display of mobile phones, but also can display larger sizes of products.

cell phone kiosk
This is a top view of the cell phone kiosk. In the middle of the booth is a cabinet with a cash register machine. This is where the staff can pay the bill, and we can also provide stools for the staff.

cell phone kiosk


On the side of the cell phone cabinet, we can see a column. Lightboxes, logos, slogans., and patterns are installed in this column. And you can change the pattern in the lightbox. It’s a place to grab your customers’ attention and make an impression on your kiosk.


Bright spot

1 Bright colors can attract attention

2 cabinet height inconsistency looks more unique

3 styles simple and practical


The base material of this cell phone kiosk is tempered glass. Because toughened glass has a greater hardness, and is a transparent material. At the same time, we installed stainless steel feet at the bottom of the cell phone kiosk, which can prevent the bottom of the cabinet from being worn. Accessories: Lights, locks, hardware, etc

How to order?

1. Contact our sales staff and tell us the requirements for the cabinets

2 Do 3D design ($300) and make changes according to your requirements.

3. We will provide you with the construction drawing approved by the shopping mall

4. After the approval of the mall, you need to pay 50% of the product amount, and we will arrange the production.

5. When we finished the production, you need to pay the balance. We will arrange transportation according to your requirements

please contact us, thank you!