Customized your own cell phone koisk, rich in your own creativity.  A striking kiosk can attract more people to come and buy. Selling cell phones in the store requires high rent and decoration. The kiosk is a low -cost choice. There is a complete set of systems, displayed glass cabinets, storage cabinets, and anti -theft pull systems, including checkout counter.

cell phone kiosk


  • MDF -main body. MDF easy to make any shape. Its surface is smooth and flattened.
  • Finish-backing paint, have many color can choose, just MDF can use paint.
  • Glass-tempered glass, 8mm thick glass very strong, we also provide thick 6, 8, 10, 12, 15mm. Glass on the countertop can show the phone.
  • Light-add a circle of green lights to the bottom, the color same with customer logo, and it is even more eye -catchin.
  • Metal-at the bottom, we used stainless steel to kick, which has a supporting effect. We also use the metal bracket to support the false ceiling on the top.

This one can not only show cell phones, including mobile phone cases, tempered films, and some cell phone accessories to display storage. The color selected by the main body is also very lively, and the combination of white and green is eye -catching. There is also an advertising machine on the front of the selling pavilion to show the performance of our mobile phone.

We have our own design team that can provide 3D design and construction drawings. You only need to give us the size, determine the styles, and provide your ideas, and we can show the kiosk to you. The installation is also very simple, a professional power system. You can complete this kiosk according to the requirements of the mall.

If you have a store, you can also contact us for mobile phone and accessories after you want to decorate it. We can also provide you with a reference. We also have many projects for cell phone store fixtures.

The following is the drawing of the on -site installation of the customer feedback:

phone kioskmall kiosk