A candy kiosk is an excellent place to display and sell all kinds of candy, nuts, and showcases. Here is a nice candy kiosk sharing with you. It’s used in the Canada mall based on our client’s requirements and mall specifications. You can get an excellent candy kiosk from us whenever you plan to open a candy kiosk.

Candy kiosk

Description of candy kiosk

The candy kiosk size is 350cm long and 250cm wide, counter height is about 120cm as required. It combines four colors pink, yellow, blue, and white. That attracts the eyes’ attention and high level of the shop theme. Besides, colorful candy shops will reserve a stunning and deep impression for clients. Materials include MDF to build the candy counter body, and the surface treatment is matte, glossy baking paint, which is a smoothie surface and makes the chocolate kiosk looks better. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, light lamp, acrylic logo, light box painting, etc.

candy showcase

Layout information

The front counter has a service counter with posters on the body that look beautiful and special. Near it is a lightbox poster and a round corner with multiple shelving to place products for sale. While both sides have glass showcase with various layers. Owners can set up acrylic boxes inside the dessert kiosk to sort out more items. We can also set up an individual counter with shelving in the middle. Besides, the owner can attach the acrylic logo on the top to increase the brilliant shop effect. And stick posters on the wall for advertising. The back side has a tower with a TV player.

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candy booth

We can see a blue color with yellow frame decoration, while the back has drawers with locks for storage. Contact us now if you need a candy kiosk to start a business. We can make 3D designs for you and show you details while producing photos and videos. If you need any further information, please get in touch with us soon. Thank you