Mobile phone case kiosks can display all kinds of cell phone cases for sale. A unique mobile phone case kiosk helps you improve your business and leave a deep impression on people. Today, I want to share an excellent phone case kiosk with you. It’s in a unique shape that can make your phone shop stand out.

phone cover kiosk

Introduction of phone case kiosk

This phone case kiosk is in an S shape, making your phone shop look good. It can also increase the display showcase area. The size is 350cm long and 250cm wide. We can make both sides with multiple display shelving and add a light lamp to highlight the items. We can also add a slat wall display with hooks to hang more phone covers and accessories. The bottom area has drawers for storage.

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cell phone booth

We see a tower panel with a light box painting near the cashier counter. People can learn more about your service and brand theme. The owner can also add glass shelving to place more phone cases on the bottom. And white LED light lamps surround the tower to match the mall cell phone kiosk decoration.

Produce photo show

Produce follows the confirmed phone case kiosk design. We will prepare materials and cut the wooden panels into pieces for assembly. The second step is to make surface treatments of the wooden kiosks, and it can get a glossy and smoothie phone case kiosk in the end. Finally, we can install the drawers, lock cabinet, brand logo, wires, and light, so that clients can use them.

phone case kiosk

We make the whole phone case kiosk in individual counters, so the owner can put them together and connect wires between each counter. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about installation and packing. We can also make the phone case kiosk as per your requirements.

phone case kiosk