Do you like wooden kiosks to start a business? Wooden booth mainly uses in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places. It has the function of displaying goods, storing goods, and promoting brand concepts. They have a beautiful appearance, firm structure, easy installation, and convenient use. A beautiful wooden booth can highlight your products and enhance your store image. Because he can first attract the attention of consumers, then prompt consumers to be interested in the product, and finally achieve the purpose of selling benefits. With the improvement of people’s aesthetics and the increase in environmental awareness, more and more businesses choose a wooden stands for business. Now view the custom wooden kiosk below and buy a wooden booth at Mall-Kiosk.

The wooden kiosk is suitable for all industries to obtain a unique display effect. Wooden booth is very common in the market, including food kiosk, jewelry kiosk, cellphone repair kiosk, clothing kiosk, pharmacy kiosk, beauty salon kiosk, etc. No matter which industry you start, you can use a wooden counter before starting. You can also use wooden display cabinets in retail shops or make the brand signature to reach a high-end effect. The wooden kiosk can make unique styles that meet merchants’ special requirements. We can also use Decorate wooden kiosks with stainless steel, glass, acrylic, green plants, etc., to increase practicality and aesthetics.

Introduction of wooden kiosk

Wooden display cabinets refer to display booths made of various kinds of wood, such as MDF, Plywood, natural solid wood, and veneer. The wooden kiosks are suitable for shopping malls and retail stores, including food kiosks, beauty salons, etc. Besides, the wooden shop furniture includes high cabinets, low cabinets, cash registers, island cabinets, etc. They are unique in design, high in quality, can enhance the store atmosphere, and are durable.

  1. bubble tea kioskWall cabinet. Merchants can place the wall cabinets near the shop wall or as a window display. And the high cabinets used in shopping malls are close to the rental line, making full use of the limited space. Merchants design wooden wall cabinets according to the product, store style, and brand concept. Merchants can arrange them in the appropriate position of the room to obtain a good clothing kiosk effect.
  2. Checkout counter. Wooden cash registers are very popular, and they are simple in style and rich in shape. Merchants can place the cash register in the reception area to enhance the overall store image. Moreover, the cash register has both checkout and reception functions, which can maximize the use of shop space. That leaves a good impression on customers. There are 3 locations for the cash register, the store entrance, the front of the store image wall, and the middle of the store as room dividers.
  3. Island cabinet. Wooden island cabinets can improve the utilization rate of store space. Merchants can choose wooden display stands with double-sided displays or make display counters to show products. So you can make round wooden displays to increase shopping interest.
  4. Wooden mall kiosk. The wooden kiosks in the shopping mall usually match with white color, which looks simple and high-end and can quickly attract the attention of customers. And we can also add logos and light strips to the wood cabinet and place promotional posters in appropriate positions.

Wooden booth material introduction

  • MDF. MDF is the base material, one of the common materials for making wooden kiosks. The surface is a baking paint process, which can achieve high-end effects. At the same time, MDF has a solid structure and is durable. We can make it in different shapes to obtain unique decorative looks. Most wooden display cabinets like mobile phone booths, perfume showcases, watch kiosks, and jewelry kiosks, protein kiosks use MDF as the base material. So it will create a high-end store atmosphere.
  • Plywood. Plywood is also one of the common base materials for wooden kiosks. Besides, the surface adopts laminate technology, which is moisture-proof, waterproof, and has a bear load-bearing capacity. Most food kiosks, bread kiosks, sushi kiosks, juice kiosks, and snack stalls use plywood as the base material. Stone countertops are scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, protect the work surface, and are easy to clean.
  • Flame retardant board. The flame retardant board is one of the wooden kiosk materials specified by many high-end shopping malls. The flame retardant board has the characteristics of flame retardancy, smoke suppression, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, and stability, which is very practical. Widely used in hotels, guesthouses, conventions, exhibition centers, sports centers, libraries, transportation and passenger transport centers, leisure and entertainment venues, shopping malls, and office buildings, and can maintain excellent physical properties, processing properties, and decorative functions.
  • Veneer. The veneer is one of the surface materials of the wooden booth. The advantages are moisture-proof and wear-resistant and have natural wood grain effect. We can modify the lighter or darker color according to the merchant’s requirements.

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Why choose Mall-Kiosk?

  1. Exquisite products. Mall-Kiosk has an elite design team, production team, and sales team. We have more than 20 years of experience in wooden kiosk production, and we can propose unique design solutions according to the requirements of merchants to fully meet their customized needs of merchants.
  2. Rich project experience. We design and produce showcases for the project with international brands and establish long-term cooperative relationships. They recognize our design and the quality of showcases. Our showcases use in high-end shopping malls in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, such as GGP, Westfield mall, etc. Providing quality service and high-quality mall booths is our replication purpose.
  3. Modern production workshop. Our company has a modern production workshop of 2000 square meters. It includes a carpentry workshop, assembly workshop, hardware accessories workshop, installation workshop, and packaging workshop. Besides, our workers make wooden counters and control all the details throughout the process to highlight the quality of the showcase.
  4. Dust-free polish room. Our company has a paint room, sanding, toning, painting, professional paint room, and painting equipment. So we can produce various colors to meet your requirements.
  5. Professional service team. Mall-Kiosk has professional sales and service team. We provide one-stop service and after-sales installation guidance. If you have any questions about the display cabinet, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.