The cellphone repair kiosk is for mobile phone repair services and shows phone accessories for sale. Everyone can purchase a special phone repair kiosk to start a business. The phone booth needed to fit the brand theme and fit the location. Here is a beautiful cellphone repair kiosk sent to Switzerland.

cell phone repair kiosk

Wooden and white phone kiosk for sale

Many people like wooden and white decoration that makes the phone kiosk look good and can promote the brand image. This cellphone repair kiosk size is 3m by 2m and includes service counters, a display showcase area, and much storage space. The base material is plywood with laminate surface treatment. We can use 8mm tempered glass with light to display the phone case. Other materials include 3D luminous signboards, painted light boxes, stainless steel, hardware, etc.

phone kiosk

Introduction of cellphone repair kiosk

Front counter. We can see there is a long working counter in the front. It uses for checking bills and provides phone repair services. We can attach the brand logo and posters for advertising. Next to the reception counter is a glass phone case counter with multiple layers. Merchants can place more items here so that poeple can buy directly.

cell phone repair kiosk

Right-hand counter. There is a tall tower stand at the corner, and it is a good idea to show lightbox posters and attach the logo on the top. Near it is a glass display counter, and the top has a glass showcase for phone cases or cell phones display. Behind are many drawers, convenient for storage of many products.

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cell phone repair kiosk

Left-hand side. The left side is a taller individual cabinet with drawers. It mainly uses to place more products for sale. And the front has light box painting, allowing people to learn more about your shop and services. The entrance door sets here to enter the cell phone booth.

Real photo show when install at the mall

phone repair kiosk