Do you like unique telecom kiosks to sell phone cases and provide phone repair services like the “Telsim” booth? The Telsim booth is a famous brand in Australia, it is mainly used to provide SIM cards for mobile networks. No matter whether you plan to start a business in a shopping mall, retail shop, or even near a metro station, we can customize it for you. Today, I want to share a nice telecom kiosk sharing with you.

Electronics booth

Custom retail booth for Telsim business

The size is 3m by 2m, suitable for most standard mall booths. We can see the primary color is white with red color combinations. Which makes the whole business kiosks outstanding. The materials are very important for retail phone case kiosks. We can use MDF with glossy baking paint to build the Telsim kiosk, it is strong to use and can make unique shapes to attract people.

phone repair kiosk

Layout informaiton

The front counter is a long service counter with a red countertop and frame. A large light box logo in the middle to remind poeple of your business. Behind is a lock cabinet and drawers used for storage. We can also put a computer or cashier register here for work and checkout. While the right-hand side counter has a glass showcase on the countertop. With an LED light lamp, it can highlight the items to attract poeple.

Cell phone kiosk

Besides, we can see the back side has a slat wall on the panel to hand more items. The middle area has a large SIM card shape with a red frame, vividly showing your business to people. Merchants can put a TV screen in the middle to play video ads. Open shelving underneath for better usage. Don’t forget to add an acrylic logo on the counter body to attract people.

Produce photos show

Custom kiosk Telecom booth

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