Bakery and fast food are very popular in the shopping mall. It can use to sell fast food, cakes, bread, and even waffles and coffee. No matter how unique the size you want, you can get it on our website. All of the bakery kiosks are customized based on special needs and requirements. Today, I want to share a nice bakery kiosk and Pretzel doughnut kiosk design with you.

The Golden Pretzel Mall Food Kiosk

bakery kiosk

Sizes of bakery kiosk

This bakery booth needs a location of 15ft by 10ft. And the total height is 112 inches. usually, the food kiosk height is no more than 7.2ft, the standard height is around 5.9ft. Because most mall has limited height make sure not to affect the visual effect.

bakery kiosk

Description of bakery kiosk

The main tone of the bread kiosk is the wooden and light blue colour surrounding the Pretzel doughnut kiosk counter body and wall. For a Pretzel Food Kiosk in the mall. This bakery booth has a service counter with a glass display showcase machine on top. The cashier counter is set in the corner. The top has a small wood ceiling to show the brand logo and posters. The working counter looks like a U shape at the side. It has frost glass surrounding it so that people won’t see from outside. The left hand also has a bar counter with chairs for sitting down.

bakery kiosk

We can also find a space for a water sink and freezer for usage. To increase a sense of design, there is a square corner outside the wall, it is a good idea to send attractive models here. View more unique bakery kiosks.

Material details

The main material of the bakery kiosk is plywood with wood bar surface decoration. The countertop is quartz stone to create a high-end effect. It can also protect the kiosk well. Other materials include stainless steel, LED light, PVC flooring, solid wood strip, etc.