The bread kiosk is the main carrier in commercial display and the main frame of commercial visual space. It can not only show more bread, show the affinity and personality of your brand, but also show your store image to customers. As the market competition becomes more mature, the design of bread kiosks is becoming more and more high-end and eye-catching. Whether it is a department store or a shopping center or a bakery specialty store, it is very important to determine the brand positioning. Create a warm and comfortable shopping environment for your target customer groups according to your positioning, I believe you can get more profits. At the same time, you can also incorporate your own creativity to make your bread shop stand out. View more bread kiosks here.

The bread kiosk includes display shelving, a cashier counter, wall cabinets, storage cabinets, and a working table. If space permits, you can set center display counters or shelving to increase the sales area. It is very necessary to customize a food kiosk design before starting a business, you can Plan for the location, shape, and color of the counter. Professional 3D design helps merchants choose a perfect solution to start their business and can help you get approval from the store quickly

Advantages of bread booth in the mall

For a large-size bread kiosk, you can also place baskets and shelves at the entrance where guests can help themselves. You can also add seating areas and beverage display areas for guest authors to enjoy food. Before choosing a mall donuts kiosk, you should notice the items:

  1. Make full and reasonable use of the unique space.
  2. Complete the practical function of displaying goods.
  3. The appearance is beautiful and novel, attracts attention, and gives people a good impression at the same time.
  4. In line with business requirements.
  5. Use tempered glass to ensure safety. Acrylic should be made of high-transparency acrylic to ensure that the entire display cabinet has a transparent view.

Bread kiosk decoration

bread kioskKiosk decoration determines the shop theme and product level. It can also help you attracts target customers. Below are tips you should notice when deciding on food kiosk decoration

  • Material: Material is important for a mall food kiosk. The main material for making food kiosks is thickened and high-hardness plywood or high-density MD. It determines the structure and quality of the bread kiosk, as well as the shape and final shape of the bread stall. Effect. The bread kiosk of solid wood makes people feel friendly and has a feeling of returning to nature. At the same time, wood grain is also a popular color recently. Its low-key luxury can create a warm and comfortable store atmosphere. The countertops are usually made of artificial stone, quartz stone, or marble, aiming to increase the high-level sense of the bread kiosk. Stainless steel kicking is to protect the food kiosk from being kicked or injured. Other materials include decorative grass, tiles, neon logos, etc.
  • Color: Color is the most immediate factor that grabs people’s hearts. Consumers will be impressed with your food kiosk if you choose a color that matches your brand. Bakeries usually use warm yellow tones and lighting to bring out the color of the bread and increase people’s appetite.
  • Brand signage: No matter when you’re going to open, it’s essential to have a brand name in mind. You can even set a unique logo for your brand. Guests will easily remember your brand, which also helps promote your bread and corporate culture. Of course, the styling of the logo is best around your product and company philosophy. Then you can place the logo on the surface of the crepe kiosk cabinet, or even make an image wall to enhance the impression.

Bread shop Layout

Bread kiosk layout determines work efficiency. So you can think about it first and arrange all the counters, and display shelving machines space in a suitable area. Usually, the side facing the guests uses as the cashier and service counter and a glass display showcase are placed for the convenience of guests to Shop for products and pay. The bench is set on the back with a wood plank to obtain a frosted glass partition. Not only does this allow guests to stay away from the device, but it also gives people a sense of peace of mind by being able to see the production process. And the bottom of the counter usually has cabinets and drawers, it is used as a storage area for raw materials and items. It’s a good idea to use the roof as decoration. It’s a part of mall kiosk decoration and makes people notice you well. However, don’t forget to arrange the counters based on your shop size and floor plan. Merchants can find a professional design team to help with a kiosk layout plan and 3D design.

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Steps to build a bread kiosk

If it’s your first business, these 3 steps help you understand how to customize a mall bakery kiosk. However, if you own a food shop or have a clear mind, just tell us your requirements. We will follow your demands to build the bread booth.

  1. Discuss kiosk details: You can tell us the location size, your business, and your initial idea. Everyone has new ideas nearly every second, however, some ideas may not fit your business. Not all of the thoughts make the burger kiosk looks good. So we have to discuss kiosk details first and make the food booth look better and more useful.
  2. Make 3D design: The design team creates 3D design models based on your thoughts and requirements. Then render clear photos of both inner and outer effects. Its design team cooperates with this work, it needs about 3-5 work days. And if you want to make small changes, designers will update the design to help you get a final decision.
  3. Produce kiosk: Once confirm the final design, we can move on to the production part. Workers will first prepare all the necessary materials, then cut up wooden panels into proper pieces to make a wood body. Next make surface treatments, in this step, you can see the kiosk looks well. Finally, the kiosk moved to the assembly room, and workers install the cabinet door, lock, drawer, brand logo, wires, and light. And test it before shipping it out.

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