Corn kiosk

Firstly,corn is a favorite food of many people, especially in the snack street or shopping mall to see the sale of corn kiosks is how attractive things are. So we can design our kiosks inside malls or shopping centers as food kiosks. If you are also interested in the whole corn cabinet, please follow my steps to introduce you to this interesting corn booth.

corn kiosk

Besides,this is a 3-meter by 3-meter corn kiosk, and you can see this is a square corn kiosk display. It is a display booth themed around the colors of corn green and yellow, which is a color close to the corn. So the sale of corn kiosks is very appropriate. The layout inside it shows the corn steamer, cash register, sink, and corn box. The front side is the logo and poster display of the corn cabinet, and the other side is the poster display of the corn cabinet.

corn kiosk

Eye-catching corn kiosk

Size: 3×3 m

Kicker: Stainless steel

Color: Green + yellow (any color you want)

Surface: Solid wood panel, wood laminate

Light: LED light strip, electronic advertising machine, logo

Material: Plywood with solid wood panel, wood laminate, stone countertop 

Design: Design to your specifications

Service: Customer service staff and designers will assist you to complete the mall design review, and design modification free of charge

corn kiosk

Customize service

The last, we are a custom factory and we have done a lot of presentations on kiosks. If you are planning a birthday to open a corn kiosk, you can come to us for your service. We will provide useful design solutions for your design. If you have your own logo, you can also put your logo on the corn kiosk, which will be a good brand effect. In addition, if you want to display your kiosk better and make it more noticeable, we will create a new design for you. In addition,our design modification is free, if you are interested in our kiosk, please contact our customer service staff, and we will provide you with more professional knowledge to help you successfully open a shop.