Popcorn Kiosk

This is a green theme popcorn kiosk, you can see it’s shaped like corn so it’s very convenient to sell corn. Nowadays, many people are pursuing higher and higher food, so the quality and demand for food are also in short supply. We all like to go shopping in some shopping centers to eat, drink, go shopping and so on, so we can open a food kiosk in the mall is the best. So I will introduce you to our green corn cabinet.

Popcorn kiosk

Popcorn Kiosk Layout

It’s a square green popcorn booth display case, with space in the middle reserved for workers. There will be a pancake machine, a waffle machine a corn juicer, a popcorn machine, a freezer, an ice cream machine, and a sink. A tabletop display of artificial stones. On the surface of the popcorn is a molded display of ice cream. And on the right is a model display of a cylinder containing popcorn, on which you can sell popcorn.

Popcorn kiosk

Popcorn Kiosk Detail

If you are interested in our corn cabinet, you can also send us a message and we can show you more styles of kiosks. The design of kiosks can be completed according to your requirements. We produce popcorn kiosks for Westfield Shopping Center, DFO Shopping Center in Australia, GGP, and Simon. You can find our work in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and so on. We know these malls have a lot of strict rules. But we have a design team that can help you redesign according to your needs.

Service: We can customize the style you want. We can customize the size, color, special shape, layout, placement, logo display, and so on.

Color: Green or anyone you like

Material: MDF、artificial stone

Surface: paint treatment

Size: 4x3m

design time: 3 to 5 days

Popcorn kiosk