Do you want a unique ice cream kiosk to make money? Most people like customized ice cream booths because they attract clients’ attention and are suitable for promoting the brand. Today, we want to share a unique ice cream kiosk in Suriname.

ice cream kiosk

Blue and white ice cream kiosk in Suriname

This ice cream kiosk size is 3m by 3m and looks like a boat with wheels and sail decoration. Regarding the owner requirements, we mainly use blue and white on the surface, which highly reflects the brand theme and can leave a deep impression on clients.

ice cream kiosk

The layout of the food kiosk

We can see that the front counter has a fence wall in front of the ice cream machine. It makes the dessert kiosk look better and high levels the shop theme. Besides, the left and right-hand sides have service counters with wheel decoration. That leaves a deep impression on people. The curved sail decoration can highlight the product brand and make people feel immersive. Create a unique store atmosphere. And The cashier counter stands near the entrance door, which is convenient for checking bills. Moreover, the backside has a long bench attached to the sweet kiosk, which is good for poeple to rest.

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roll-up ice cream kiosk

Produce photo show

Mall kiosk produces and installs the whole ice cream kiosk in our workshop so that clients can view how to make them. It’s the actual effect when shop owners use it. If you have questions about assembly and package, send us an inquiry. Our sales team is ready to help you.

ice cream showcase


We use MDF to make the frozen yogurt kiosk body, and the surface treatment is high-glossy baking paint. It can make unique food kiosk shape and makes the shop and products outstanding. Other material includes stainless steel, acrylic logo, 8mm tempered glass, etc. We will make a construction drawing to show you the details of the material before production.

ice cream booth