Do you like the green frozen yogurt kiosk in the mall? Frozen yogurt is one of the popular sweet food because likes to eat it in my spare time and even after dinner. Businessmen can open a frozen yogurt kiosk in the mall, I am sure you will have a great business. Here is a nice frozen yogurt kiosk sharing with you.

frozen yogurt kiosk

Description of frozen yogurt kiosk

This frozen yogurt kiosk color is white with green and pink decorations. Its suitable booth size is 3m by 3m, fit for most ice cream kiosk sizes. To get a better effect, we can choose flooring lights and under-counter lights to increase brightness. The neon logo along with the grass background looks attractive and lovely.

frozen yogurt kiosk

The front side has a topping bar with a freezer, and a cashier counter near it so that clients can purchase flavors and check bills directly. The cream machine is set on the left side counter, it is convenient to use. Under counter has lock cabinets with moveable shelving for usage. You can also check the smoothie kiosk design

frozen yogurt kiosk

The back wall counter is used as a working counter with a waffle machine, etc. The water sink is for daily use and keeps the kiosk clean. There are 3 light box painting stands on the wall, that look like ice cream with metal tube supports. It is to show menus, delicious product posters, and logos to clients. We can also add green grass decoration on the kiosk wall for decoration.

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Real produce photos

The frozen yogurt kiosk looks very beautiful and high-end once completed. The materials include MDF with baking paint, artificial grass, 8mm tempered glass, Neon brand signage, light box painting, stainless steel, etc. No matter when you need a frozen yogurt kiosk, contact us to get more ideas.

frozen yogurt kiosk frozen yogurt kiosk