What do you think about opening a hat kiosk in the mall? With the improvement of people’s way of life, many people wear hats to highlight their characters and prevent sun exposure. It’s a good idea to open a nice hat kiosk in the shopping mall. You can use it to sell all kinds of hats, handbags, and wallets. Here is a popular hat kiosk style in the United Arab Emirates sharing with you.

hat kiosk

Introduction of hat kiosk

As a mall retail kiosk, the hat kiosk has multiple display showcase areas. Includes grid cabinets, glass display shelving cabinets, and even display racks. No matter how unique the hat kiosk design you require, you can find good solutions on Mall-Kiosk. It fit an area of 3m by 3m, the main color is white with golden metal decoration. Looks very attractive and high-end.

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hat kiosk

Layout information

We can see in the design, there are 3 layers of cabinets with LED light to make hats outstanding. Near the entrance has glass display shelving on different levels, you can use it as a handbag kiosk display with the brand logo at the bottom. Near it is glass cabinets with locks, you can also show more items. The left-hand side has a reception counter with a metal logo. It can also uses as a cashier counter for checking bills. Near it is tall metal display shelving with a slogan at the front, that allows poeple to try hats and purchase suitable items.

hat kiosk

While the back side has long multiple functional counters. It has many grid cabinets to highlight each hat, while behind are storage cabinets. It is good for use as a T-shirt kiosk to earn money. While the top has a brand logo with metal support, allowing poeple to notice you from a distance.


The floor is very important for a mall booth because it can hide wires to make your hat kiosk look clean. It also reminds people of your shop area when purchasing items.