Are you looking for a candy kiosk? With layers of candy to make it look like a cake. This design can increase the storage space of the candy cabinet. There are a lot of different candy boxes in the candy cabinet, so it can be very easy to sort. This candy cabinet has a lot of lollipops. It’s a great publicity symbol.

candy kiosk

The front counter can be used to store items, display sweets, or work benches. This counter can be used to store goods, display candy, and serve as a checkout counter. The counter is also a different color from the back. View candy kiosk


the bottom of the cabinet has a stainless steel edge, which can extend the service life. The cabinet uses MDF as the base material, and surface paint treatment. So what we see is a very shiny cabinet. The candy box is made of tempered glass, which is hard and durable. In addition, there are hardware accessories, the Alec logo, a light box, and so on. We can also provide stools, tables, and other furniture items. Learn more options about cotton candy kiosks



candy kiosk in mall

If you want a candy cabinet, we have a professional design team to help you customize it. The production process of the cabinet is as follows

Design steps

1. Tell me your information regarding your counter, including shopping area size, logo, branding, and what things you prepare to sell.

2. our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about the kiosk.

3. After the design is finished, if you find something not acceptable, our designer will revise it freely.

4. After the design plan is approved by you, we will give you a CAD drawing plan, and then manufacture it.

5. We can help you to buy some machines for the kiosk, delivered together with your goods saving you some time and money.

If you need a custom candy cabinet, you can contact us. Thank you!