This is a candy store used in an indoor shopping mall. From the picture, we can see its shape and appearance.

custom candy kiosk


This candy cabinet is made of MDF base material and finished with lacquer. It looks very shiny. In addition, we will set stainless steel kickers at the bottom of the cabinet to prevent damage. The floor material is PVC, and its performance is wear-resistant and is not harmful to the environment. We will also have the logo, logo materials include acrylic, hollow, and crystal words, which you can design according to your preferences. In addition, light boxes, hardware accessories, and stools can be provided.

custom candy booth

Advantages of materials

1. Eco-friendly, healthy, non-toxic materials of ice cream kiosk.
2. Ultra clear safety top quality tempered glass.
3. High Brightness, energy-saving LED light with various colors.
4 . The E1 level MDF.
5. Damping and buffering suspensions sliding guide.

Why choose us?

We have a professional design team, with as long as 20 years of service experience, get a lot of customers to praise, and have rich experience, if you need it, please contact us, thank you!

Order producer

  1. You need to contact us to discuss your specific requirements regarding the ice cream kiosk design.
  2. Our design team creates 3D designs according to your comments.
  3. We sign the contract after the design has been approved You need to pay a 50% deposit before we start to do the ice cream kiosk.
  4. when the goods are finished, You need to pay the balance payment.
  5. We make a package and prepare to deliver the ice cream kiosk to your country. We can send the ice cream kiosk to your mall if you want.
  6. Waiting for your feedback, give you good after services.